Arrows & Z X Space

               up: 	Key.W, Key.UP, Key.Z, Key.X, Key.SPACE
             down: 	Key.S, Key.DOWN
             left: 	Key.A, Key.LEFT
            right: 	Key.D, Key.RIGHT
             save: 	Key.F8
             load: 	Key.F9
toggle_fullscreen: 	Key.F12

Control a ball and gather all dots (krupki).

"Krupki" is a very simple game I made with my daughter (7, well almost 8). She designed art, levels (see this one as well) and gameplay. I just implemented it using Flashpunk engine. Levels are stored as XML files generated with my version of modified Gleed2d game editor, sounds are made with BFXR. Funny thing was to get all the positions of the dots. For this I used AForge.NET framework to create small command line tool that searches for pattern in a bitmap. This little app is really cool, and I hope to use it in future. Ah, one more thing, physics is really simple - no Box2D or Havok is used. Just basic line segment reflection. Touchscreen support for Android version is done with as3dpad project slightly modified to match net.flashpunk.utils.Input.

Game has 4 levels, 500 dots (krupkis) and 2 possible endings. Meaning of the name "Krupki" is still unknown, only hint I got is that this word is similar to 'kropki' which literally means dots.

For those of you who don't speak Polish menu says: "Choose Ball: orange, ball, nut, bead, rose".

Some extra stuff: